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A sticker of Toro on a green bike. the exclamation GO GO! is above him.

About me

My names fran! I'm a 2003 baby from the stars! I identify as lumirien, and use they/light/lum/rie pronouns. You may know me for my art, but I'm also very fond of gardening! I'm still very much an amateur gardener lol

Ever since I was a little kid I've always been obsessed with virtual worlds. That part of me has yet to die! I'm still enjoying this fun little aspect of the online community as I age.

Art Fight



Splatoon sideblog


I mostly like a lot of nintendo games, but because I can't remember every single interest as I type, I'm just going to put down a bunch of stamps.
(each stamp has a link! check em all out if you can!)

More! More!!!

All in the form of blinkies of course